Setup local git repos

To host gitit with config, do the following. The configuration file and static data for gitit will be stored in gitit-wiki, while the raw wiki files will be stored in wikidata.

git clone ssh:// gitit-wiki
cd ./gitit-wiki/
git clone ssh:// wikidata 

If you want to just make changes to the wiki and host it without gitit, just clone

Install gitit

curl -sSL | sh
git clone
stack install

Running gitit

Install the following systemd unit file, and create a NGINX proxy file here. Also, add this line to the crontab so the hosted version of the wiki is updated with each commit. * * * * * cd /home/joseph/git/gitit-wiki/wikidata && git pull


ExecStart=/home/joseph/.local/bin/gitit -f ./default.config